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VectorLink is a windows form based application used by contractors working for OSPRI. It is designed and built to run on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 handheld devices.

What's New

The latest release of VectorLink 2.2.1 sees several enhancements that extends the functionality of the application.

Reduced Battery Consumption
VectorLink now pauses GPS connections when the device enters sleep mode, reducing the overall battery consumption.

Improved Line Display
The Line Summary screen now shows an ordered list of the lines available. This should make it easier to find the appropriate line for recording devices.

Date/Time Improvements
Invalid dates from the GPS and/or system, are now corrected during upload, and will no longer cause a failure during the upload process.

Additional device types
VectorLink now caters for the deployment and recording of results for both WaxTag and Chew Card devices.

GPS connectivity
VectorLink will now initialise a GPS connection upon launching the application and maintain that connection rather than drop it if you navigate to a page that does not require it. Users should notice an improvement when navigating back to a page that does require the GPS connection as it will not need to re-established a connection each time.

Setting lines
The application will prevent a line from being completed if all devices on the line have not been marked as set.

User Documentation

Supported Devices

OSPRI has approved four officially supported handheld devices. Each device is provided in a field-ready state (pre-loaded with VectorLink) and comes with after-sales support.

  • HP iPaq 212
  • Trimble Nomad
  • Intermec CN70
  • Motorola NC9596
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